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Boss Optima   National Service Partner Program Overview

Why just subcontract, when you can partner with our national company and build equity with us.

A New Idea In Subcontracting....... Ownership!

We are looking for talented owner operator technicians in all markets to grant partnerships to. We are a national company, that has created an industry all-star team, that has joined forces to create a never before seen business model .



  Imagine a subcontracted partnership......

Where one of the world's best carpet cleaning companies, sent you jobs with a $300 to $330 ticket average, on a daily basis..........

A world class company operated by our national headquarters, that works for you on a very personal level. Interacting daily with you, to keep you busy and grow a local business with you...

A company that has an elite sales team, with advanced proprietary technology that even the majors don't have....Technology that we invented, and we would use to build a business with you personally, in your market!

Bringing hundreds of customers to you completely scheduled and waiting for your arrival....

And most importantly ....No bait and switch.  We get top dollar for our service before you arrive at the home.

Pricing examples ...
  2 Rooms and a hallway........$159.95    
  5 Rooms and a hallway .......$369.95    

When is the last time you ran a five hundred dollar job?
we average 40 to 50 a month......

Its easy to get top dollar when your giving your customer more.

Nationally, our Service Partners make more per job than most national franchise owners.


  Were going after the majors.....

   And we are looking for the best technicians in the nation to grant
   subcontracting partnerships to....

  A partnership where the best independent techs are given an
  opportunity, to eventually own, a 1 man service department of
  our business.
Without any purchase  investment.

 Our partners receive routes that are amazing lucrative. Running 3 jobs     
 and totaling over $1000 in revenue, is common in our world.



How good are we at what we do?

Take a look at these recent days our partners had over a 12 day period from April 29th to May 11th  2013.

    Our Phoenix Partner Completed a $924 day on 3 jobs.    
  Our Houston Partner Completed a $814 day on 2 jobs.
    Our San Antonio Partner Completed a $755 day on 2 jobs.    
    Our Florida Partner Completed a $1036 day on 3 jobs.    
    Our San Francisco Partner Completed a $800 day on 2 jobs.    
    Our San Antonio Partner Completed a $898 day on 2 jobs.    
    Our Denver Partner Completed a $845 day on 2 jobs.    
    Our Phoenix Partner Completed a $1873 Job.    
    Our Philadelphia Partner Completed a $1133 day on 3 jobs.    
    Our Phoenix Partner Completed a $1138 day on 3 jobs.    
    Our Houston Partner Completed a $1285 day on 2 jobs.    
    Our Phoenix Partner Completed a $1024 day.    
    Our Denver Partner Completed a $688 day on 2 jobs.    
    Our San Antonio Partner Completed a $728 day on 2 jobs.    
    Our Phoenix Partner Completed a $3524 day on 5 jobs. (With 2 vans)    
    Our Florida Partner Completed a $689 day on  1 job.    
    Our Phoenix Partner Completed a $4193 day on 5 jobs. (With 2 vans)    
    Our Houston Partner Completed a $768 day on 2 jobs.    
    Our Phoenix Partner Completed a $1166 day on 5 jobs.    
    Our San Antonio Partner Completed a $842 day on 3 jobs.    
    Our Denver Partner Completed a $899 day on 1 job.    
    Our Phoenix Partner Completed a $866 day on 3 jobs.    


We want to make it easy for the best technicians to join our organization.



































































































































A Partnership Like No Other....

Throughout our great country, there are hundreds of carpet cleaning companies striving to succeed. And despite great efforts and determination  unfortunately many companies come and go never realizing the most significant key to success.  I have been in this industry over 25 years now and I have seen many come and go.  Its not that they didn't know there trade or that they didn't have the necessary experience or that they didn't work hard. I truly believe that in allot of cases they simply never came to the most significant conclusion you can come to in this industry.............. 


                                                                 You Have To Care More Then The Client.....


                                                                  You can't fake it.........


                                                                  You can't portray it.........


                                                                  And ultimately it will determine your fate.


You have to care more about the customers experience with you, then even the customer does. When you do this, unusual  extraordinary things will happen.  It is virtually inevitable.  Being in business has many challenges. Financial, operational and otherwise. It is easy to lose sight of this true key to success. As a business you help people.  You solve a problem for them. You make them feel better. They are willing to pay you to do this for them. That is typical....... But what if the client had an experience with you where there was an overwhelming sense that you cared much more about  the results you achieved, then even they did?


What if the client had an overwhelming sense that this was genuine and sincere?.........


How would a customer react to that?.......


How would you react to that?.......


This is the difference between struggling and succeeding in this industry. Because when people experience something extra ordinary. There natural reaction is to want to share the experience with      others. And more importantly,  they want to experience it again themselves.  It is inevitable.


We are trying to do something special here at Boss Optima. I truly feel we are one of the greatest sales and marketing companies this industry has ever seen. We are creating partnerships and alliances with the best owner operators we can find.  The goal is simple.  Become the greatest example the industry has ever seen of how it should be done. And demonstrate the success that comes from this mindset.


If this is a belief you can buy into, we would like to interview you for a potential partnership. If in your heart you you know this is not your calling, we appreciate your time..  But,  whether we work together or not , take this key to success with you today as a gift from us. Our industry  will be better for it...


Mike Ochoa



  Imagine a partnership where your business grew 10 times faster then a typical carpet cleaning business. Where you are exposed to cutting edge techniques and procedures for  growing fast.

Where you had a national company behind you, and all the resources the majors have. Like financing help when you need to buy new equipment.

An industry all star team where the best technicians are given ownership licenses because of their experience and talent, not their financial means...Joining forces with our national company to grow together fast...




Imagine a partnership where the only thing you had to invest, is proving to us that you can clean with the best in the world.
Imagine a partnership where the best sales team in the industry, partnered with the best Service Techs. A true industry all star team!


And ultimately imagine that once you proved you were the caliber of what we are looking for, an ownership  license would be granted to you, that you own.


And would require no investment by you, other then proving that you can win customers. A license that would give you ownership of all the work flow coming to that territory. That we generate for you...


An ownership license you could sell at any time for profit.


An ownership license you could lease to other techs at any time.


Or an ownership license you could keep, that would grow in value every year that you work with us.


*Currently over 90% of all of the national partners who have fulfilled their 1 year partnership with us, have received their ownership license.


And they did not pay a dime for it.


These licenses are worth thousands of dollars when issued, based on the work and revenue that was generated in the previous year. One partner in Phoenix Arizona, sold his license for over 30K after owning it for just over a year.






Our Proven Business Plan.....Changing lives.


The concept of our business model  is that  we try to  carefully select National Service Partners who are already operating in a desired market. And who are able to deliver an exceptional customer experience. We look for owner operators who have a talent for winning over customers and can deliver world class cleaning results.


 We are not looking for subcontractors to just run jobs for us.


 We are looking for business partners who want to operate a  1 man service division of our company.


And who want to be granted a ownership license that they would own


By combining  a talented service partner  with  our state  of the art  system for sales and marketing, a powerful alliance is formed.  We are able to achieve amazing growth and financial reward that could never be possible in a conventional operation. When a customer experiences excellence from the point of sale all the way to the completion of service,  they  become  loyal,  almost  fanatical  clients.  This is  the  foundation  of  our  success!   We  have  found  that  by  partnering  with  talented, experienced  owner operators we have a much higher service level  then  with  hourly employees.  And  our  overall  success level  is  dramatic  when  we  have  partnered with Service operators  who  have  the same  belief we do about quality and customer service. When we find the right people we truly become an industry all-star team.


If you are selected, our company has 5 basic requirements for an initial service partnership........


. You must have a minimum of 3 years of residential service experience. And you must be talented.
. You must have an unmarked truck mounted cleaning unit.
. You must have exceptional customer service and cleaning  skills.  We only want the best.
. You must have an active liability insurance policy
. You must have the belief that exceeding the customers expectations is the major key to  success


 No Contract Term .


  There is no contract term to our partnership agreement. We believe if we are right for each other it will be obvious to both parties. Most partnerships are started on a 1 month trial period. But ultimately either party can cancel at any time if the agreement is not beneficial.  Our arrangement gives you  the  benefits of  partnering with a powerhouse sales team who will strive to give you all of the work you can handle, at prices that are far above industry standard. While at the same time, allowing you to still operate  your  existing  business. Our goal is to create an obvious advantage for you by partnering with us.










Quality Is Always Rated By The Customer .


      As a National Service Partner you must realize that you will  be held  to a  high standard

        of performance. After every service you perform, we  will  call  the customer and ask the

        customer to give us a rating on a scale of 1 to 10.  We will ask the customer to rate us in

         4 categories: 


         O-Cleaning Results  

         O-Customer Service  

         O-Tech Appearance   and

         O-The likelihood they will use us again.


        As  long  as we  are getting 9 and 10 ratings we feel we were successful in achieving the

        experience we want for the customer. And  the  customer  is  likely  to  stay  loyal to our service.

        This  is  the  standard  that  is expected of all National Service Partners.








  The Best Of Both Worlds

Our  unique partnership  programs  allows  you  to  integrate our business into yours. 

 You instantly become a 2 business operation, receiving  profits  from  two separate income streams. Our partnership program allows you to earn money by  allowing us

to  fill  your  vacant  and unused timeslots, maximizing the  earning potential of your cleaning unit. In our exclusive partnership program: 






. You continue to run your existing business as you always have.


. And you  begin operating a one man  Boss Service Service Department  in  your assigned territory .Our State of the art  sales department will perform all of the marketing, sales, scheduling  and  customer service  for  your Boss Service  Division. We will coordinate with you to schedule  our service work  in  the  vacant timeslots  you have available.  In return you agree to wear our uniforms, place our magnet on your van  and  completely  represent  our  company  when  performing  service  for  our clients. To our customers, you will be the local face of Boss Services.



How Much Of Your Current Schedule Is Full?

Most residential carpet cleaners have at least 21 timeslots a week that can be scheduled.  If you are running less then 14 jobs a week , that is at least a 3rd of

your schedule that is not earning income for you. This is  where our  partnership

benefits  you  the  most.  We  will  fill those empty timeslots with jobs that you do

not  have  to  pay  up  front  advertising for.  If you do the math, we are by far the

cheapest  method  for getting  the  volume of work we  are  able  to  get.  In  the

open  market  most  carpet  cleaners would  have  to  pay  65% to 70% of there

total revenue to get the kind  of  steady  work  we  provide. And at the  top  dollar  prices we are able to get, the value is obvious. Furthermore, our marketing cost 

is  only  paid when  you run  a  job. What  advertising distributor  would allow you

to pay them only if they get work for you?



High Ticket Average                                                                      

With an average residential  job of $320 . Our sales department  will  impress  you with there quality sales  and excellent customer service. We have exclusive proprietary technology that we invented. Technology that allows us to attract customers at the right price point with no bait and switch.





When you become a service partner you are required to put our Logo magnet on your unmarked

van. This is essential to ensure quality service to our customers.



We allow you to operate and
grow like the majors do.


Our percentage split is very similar to the business model for the major national chains  


Approximately 30% Goes into Internet advertising.  
Approximately 20% Goes to our highly trained sales people in the Sales Dept.  
Exactly              40% Goes to the National Service Partner.  
Approximately 10% Goes towards operating the National Headquarters.  




         National Headquarters  Mesa Arizona 

If you are selected to partner with us, our sales and marketing division will use state of the art proprietary technology to grow a business with you.

We attract the customers and sell the service at top dollar. You deliver amazing cleaning results. And together we experience explosive growth....

Here, we are hyper sensitive to the experience of the customer. We give our customers an experience that is new , better and different then anything they have ever experienced.






The Pay Plan  

 Our monthly job average is over $300

National Service Partners are issued  3 types of service jobs. Here is the pay plan for each type of service.

           Service Type         Service Percentage

         Paid To The Tech

    In Home Sales Percentage

        Paid To The Tech.

Standard Services

(These are the majority of the services issued. And average over $300 a job.)



              40%                    50%

Premium  Services 

(These are customers who are allowed to pay special reduced rates if they meet a certain criteria.

We issue a job credit to our National Service

Partners, so they are paid equal to what they would have made if the job was priced with normal pricing.)


Plus a credit that varies from
job to job.


Our company does extensive coaching to try to encourage your In Home Sales while ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction.


*All services must be paid in full to receive commissions.






    Our Nike Uniform Requirement  

 Projecting A First Class Image Is Critical

Our  companies  image  is  a  major key  to  our success. We require that our servicemen  always look professional and sharp. This is considered top priority in our organization.  Failure to  adhere  to uniform requirements are grounds for loss of your contract with Boss Services.                              

When On Duty, Techs are required to wear the following

-Boss polo shirt.                              -Black Shoes

-Black Belt                                       -Shirt always tucked In

-Black or Tan Pants/Shorts            -Boss Hat Optional


*National Service Partners are  required  to  purchase our  Pro 5

Nike uniforms and magnets  to  initiate the  work agreement..

Approximate  cost is  $189.00 for 3 uniform sets and a magnet set.

Our company does have  a  program  to have  your uniform  fees 

deducted from your first 2 paychecks.





We  handle  All  Customer  Service. And All Customer Contact Prior To The Service.

Our operating  policy is  that  our  sales team handles all customer contact prior to the service. Service Techs are not to interact with  the client  until  they  have arrived at the home. If  you are running ahead  of  schedule  or  running  late, contact our  office  staff  and  we  will

notify  the  client  for  you.  If you desire, our office  staff  will  also  perform "On

The Way" calls prior to  you  driving  to

an appointment. Service  Partners  are

never to call a client directly.











    Our Sales Team Works For You

Our talented, experienced staff will  become a true partner

that  will   interact  with  you daily. They  will  continuously 

coordinate with you to ensure they are scheduling the right

amount  of work for you.


    Were Proud Of Our On Time Record

We take great pride in not being  late to  our

jobs. We  expect  our  service partners to be

prompt  and  responsible when  it  comes  to

being on time. We also  give most customers

a 3 hour time slot give you the flexibility  to be

on time. Excessively being Late to service

appointments could result in the loss or your

partnership with us.





Invoice And Job Delivering

How do we get the jobs to you?..........  
Service jobs are emailed at approximately 4 p.m the day before service. After you complete the service, you use our automated system on your cellphone to close the job out and email our client their receipt. 



Our Digital System Tracks Your Performance.

How Are The Service Partners Paid?
As  a  Service  Partner  for  our company, every 2 weeks you will receive a report outlining your performance, based on client ratings and reviews.

In our organization, you will learn cutting edge techniques to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction. We will teach you how to maximize your income by thinking like a client.



Our National Service Partners are paid approximately every  2  weeks.  This  is  highly  dependent  on  the

Service  Partner  being  timely  with  job close outs. Depending on  the processing cycle we issue, you can expect  to  receive  a check   between every 13 and 16 days.












Becoming A Boss Service Partner Means Being Responsible For An Entire Market.

As a National Service partner you must be prepared for the driving and heavy mileage that is part of our industry.  Servicing an entire metro market can mean that you may be driving much more then you are accustomed to. Our Sales Department's responsibility is to ensure that we are providing you with great jobs and financial rewarded for this commitment.

We give most of our clients a 3 hour timeslot to create as much flexibility as possible with our coordinated schedules. (We encourage you to do the same with your clients). Our program relies heavily on you being coordinated with our sales dept to ensure all scheduled clients are serviced.




  P T I M A    W A R R A N T Y    
  Every customer we service receives a full coverage 30 day warranty.  







Every Customer We SelI Is Offered A Free 10 Minute Test Cleaning. As A Guarantee Of Our Quality

We Expect  You  To  Be  Great.

We Want To Help You Be Exceptional.

Here at  Boss Optima  we  want  to help you enhance your skills and  guide you  while  you  learn  new   techniques  and  strategies  from   us. Our  state of  the  art  sales  and   marketing  system  employs  some of  the  industries  most  exciting  and  cutting  edge knowledge. We want to  show  you  how what we  do  before the sale  can be utilized in  a  customers  home  to dramatically  increase  sales and  profits. There is a whole new world of opportunities with us. And  we  want  to  form  a  complete partnership  with  you that  will  allow you  to  experience the best our industry has to offer.






We heavily promote to our clients that are Service Techs are the best in the world. As a guarantee of this, we tell each client that when our Tech arrives at there home. If they request it, our Tech will give them a free 10 minute test cleaning on the worst area they have. If they are not completely impressed we will leave with no charge.

*Approximately 2 out of every 10 customers will actually request this test cleaning guarantee.


The Pride of Our Company Is Our 5 Step Ultra Clean Technique

  Our company heavily promotes our 5 Step cleaning technique. As  a  National  Service Partner  we  require  you  to  clean all carpets using this 5 step procedure.  It is critical to our business model that you adhere to this procedure:


. First we individually pretreat any spots or stains that require individual stain removal.


. Then we treat the carpet with the heated Prochem Ultrapak prespray. We allow this to dwell for at least

10 minutes. (Contact us to help you purchase Ultrapak prespray at the best price possible)


. Next we look for heavily soiled traffic areas and rake the prespray using a nylon carpet rake.


. The 4th step is we do a deep steam extraction cleaning with a neutralizer to completely rinse the carpet and ensure that no residue is left in the carpet.


. And the final step is we do a series of what we call dry strokes to leave the carpet as dry as possible for the client.
























If you think you share the same beliefs as us about customer satisfaction and you would like to explore a partnership with us, please complete the quick phase one application below and a  personal telephone interview can be arraigned.

Personal Coaching Offered By Our President
If you do not think a partnership is right for you, but you would like to learn how you can receive life changing techniques and strategies from us click here.

   Click Here To Apply   





     Frequently Asked Questions:


What Costs are involved with being granted a partnership?

This is not a business you have to invest in.  One of our goals is to make it easy for the best carpet cleaners to join our organization. The only costs involved are purchasing 3 Nike uniform sets from our  national supplier and your magnets for your van. Depending on the chemicals you are currently using, you may be asked to switch to specific products we feel are better for achieving our quality level. Most New Partners join our organization for under $190.

Do I have to use your products?

Our goal is to achieve a "9" or "10" rating from each customer we perform service for. If you demonstrate you can achieve this with the products you are currently using, we will consider not changing your products. However there are some mandatory items you have to carry...

-Dupont Teflon Advanced is the only sealer we sell to our clients.
-And we have a special upholstery cleaning product that is much safer then most traditional methods of cleaning.

We also have an agreement with Prochem to allow our National partners to buy products directly from prochem at a much reduced rate. Most new partners realize that they can actually save a lot of money buy buying our private label products through prochem.

What are the day to day responsibilities of having a partnership with you?

There are 4 major requirements:

1.) You have to provide an excellent service to our customers. being good is simply not good enough here. Our business model is designed to "wow" the customer so we grow as fast as possible.
2.) You have to keep your operating schedule current so our sales people always know when your available for service. Our partners use a special operating online schedule that allows us to always know where the open timeslots are in their day.
3.) You have to close your jobs out every day (Upon rout completion) on our online close out system.
4.) Each day you have to deposit all monies collected in to your assigned bank account. This must be done by 12 noon the following day.


What is my territory when I get a partnership?

Typically we create a 35 mile radius around your home address. This is your assigned territory.

How do I get an actual ownership license. So I have true ownership in this business.

Our company is considered an industry "All Star Team". The best techs partnering with the best sales company the industry has ever seen. We want our national partners to have true ownership in our organization. The requirements to achieve this are simple:

1.) Work with us for 1 year with no major violations.
2.) Demonstrate that you can win customers over with your superior work quality. And maintain high customer ratings.
3.) Demonstrate that you can maintain a high image standard.
Do these things and we will grant you a franchise license that gives you true ownership of all the business scheduled for that territory. You can sell this license at any time for profit.

What if I am not trained in alll the services you provide like drapery cleaning or mattress cleaning? 

When we find a true master technician. We are willing to provide online training at no cost. We do this to some degree with all new partners.

Can I speak to some of the existing partners to see what their experience has been?

Absolutely. If after your initial interview, we feel you are a candidate to work with us. We will give you multiple names and phone numbers of existing partners. This is standard procedure.
Our partners will tell you first hand how we changed their lives. We have taken owners who operated for years with one van and within a year needed two vans to keep up with the work we generated.  You can talk to them personally.

f you think you share the same beliefs as us about customer satisfaction and you would like to explore a partnership with us, please click on the application button below to apply for a telephone interview with our National Service Manager.

      Click Here To Apply 
Call 1-800-566-9814 to be connected to the National Headquarters.

*Please be prepared to provide us with  current pictures of your van and yourself, as part of the interview process.





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