Learn Life Changing Strategies That Have Sold Millions Of Dollars In Carpet Cleaning For Boss Optima.

Boss Optima  President, Mike Ochoa Now Offers Personal Consulting Twice A Month To Select Owner Operators.

This program is only offered to operators in small non-competing markets of Boss Optima.
(Less then 500 Thousand population in a 35 mile radios of your operation)

Boss Optima started 24 years ago
with three trucks on its first day of operations. And a full schedule of work for all three trucks. Its owner Mike Ochoa was previously a marketing manager for 3 carpet cleaning companies before starting Boss Optima.

This unique operation has gone on to perform millions of dollars in carpet cleaning nationally.  And now uses its proprietary marketing strategies to keep 18 national operating partners busy with high quality jobs usually averaging over $300 per service. Every day grabbing market share from the national chains.

Today Mike Ochoa supports our industry by twice a month, selecting  conscientious owners he personally selects, to share his knowledge with.

To better the industry and create a better way for owner operators to compete with majors.


  There is a better way...  

  I have been extremely blessed by this industry...
These days I go to work on the tenth floor of a beautiful high rise in Mesa Arizona. I am blessed with a beautiful corner office with skyline views all around me. I never went to college and I have been where you are now...

And at this stage of my career, one of my personal passions is helping others who are light to our industry. Sharing my insights with others who can benefit from what I've learned on my journey.

I try to help  a select group of small market  "Conscientious Owners", finally realize,  how to stop struggling and thrive in this industry.  I only do this for a few hours, twice a month.  And I only do it for owners I feel are passionate about service to others before service to self.

I do not do this for operators that compete with us in markets we are in or markets we are going to be in. I only offer this to owner operators who are in small towns or cities who will likely never compete with us.

Our industry is greatly divided between the have and the have nots. The major chains thrive while the little guys struggle.
There is a better way and it's deeply rooted in the idea of simply "thinking like a customer".

If you're a bait and switch guy or a guy who wears jeans to your customer's home, this is not for you.  If you're a guy who tries to implement your religious faith into the way you operate, I would like to hear from you... 

Mike Ochoa
President Boss Optima


An unfortunate truth...

The truth is, most carpet cleaners come from backgrounds where they learned how to clean but not how to attract (and keep) customers. They hope they can grow a substantial business just by being a good competent cleaner. I call this a "trader". A guy who feels he can simply "trade" good carpet cleaning for money and thrive.

I have been in this industry for over 27 years. And I have yet to meet a trader who has realized the dream of success. Most never get past a one van operation. And usually struggle from week to week to pay the bills.

The majors thrive because they don't want to just accomplish the mission of just "getting the carpet clean". They enter the home with the goal of creating a memorable experience for the customer. And they pay attention to extremely small details to achieve this.

From a marketing standpoint however, they rely on customers "knowing their name" and trusting their name. And they spend millions on branding to achieve this. What they don't know how to do is take a customer who is of "low interest" and close them.

I have spent my entire career devising proprietary strategies that stop the customer from procrastinating and turn "shoppers" into eager buyers. My strategies don't turn you into a salesman. I show you how to use simple "passive", "neutral" techniques that create a big distinction between you and everybody else.

My staff use these techniques every day, to sell thousands of dollars of carpet cleaning per hour nationally.




I tell my staff all the time....

If everybody else is an apple, we just have to be an orange and we eliminate all competition.

I call this the Starbucks approach. Think about it, what Starbucks did was take the idea
of a small coffee shop and radically change the idea of that. They created elements never before seen in a coffee shop. And by doing this they basically eliminated all competition. Because there was basically, nobody else quit like them ....
And they basically turned a coffee shop into a multi million dollar public company!

Ask yourself...

Truly, how much different are you then everybody else?
Why should a customer pick you?

I can show you multiple ways to make you an orange!

You do not need to bait and switch customers.
You do not need to be a hardcore salesman.
(Besides, people hate to be sold).
But, they love to buy!

To really succeed, you have to think like a customer...

And you have to offer them solid reasons why you are the best choice! But you also need strategies that create the opportunity to achieve these things.

Here are some examples of prices we quote to first time customers ...

  2 Rooms and a hallway........$159.95    
  5 Rooms and a hallway .......$369.95    

When is the last time you ran a five hundred dollar job?
we average 40 to 50 a month......

It's easy to get top dollar when you're giving your customer more.




 A simple truth...

 I truly feel, one of the biggest reasons carpet cleaners struggle is because they never get good honest feedback from their clients. They may think they are providing a great service because "they don't get redo's" or "nobody seems to complain".

But the truth is most customers are very apprehensive to tell you (to your face) what they really, really, really, really   think of you...

Its just too uncomfortable.

I like to use the analogy, how comfortable would it be for you, to be in a room with a chef. (Just you and him), he is cooking for you, with a great attitude and good intentions and he wants your opinion of the meal he is cooking for you...  Let's say you absolutely hated the food.

How comfortable would it be for you to say that to his face?
Especially if you think he is really trying to please you?
And its just you and him in the room?

So, if nobody ever tells the chef the brutal truth, can you see how the chef can be misled his whole career, about what people really, really, really, really think of his food?

My carpet cleaning company has had a sales staff from day one, And fortunate for us, customers usually have no problem telling  a third party, what they really think. This insight, I believe gave us a tremendous advantage to succeed. We always knew what people thought of our food!

The truth is, if a customer doesn't seek you out for their next service, its a good indication your service was not what you thought it was!



How effective are the strategies I can teach you?  

Take a look at these recent days our national partners had over a 12 day period from April 29th to May 11th  2013.

*Our national partners are guys just like you, owner operators that we have partnered with. And given ownership licenses to, so they may represent our company in their markets. But with a nice benefit... We do all the sales and marketing for them.

    Our Phoenix Partner Completed a $924 day on 3 jobs.    
  Our Houston Partner Completed a $814 day on 2 jobs.
    Our San Antonio Partner Completed a $755 day on 2 jobs.    
    Our Florida Partner Completed a $1036 day on 3 jobs.    
    Our San Francisco Partner Completed a $800 day on 2 jobs.    
    Our San Antonio Partner Completed a $898 day on 2 jobs.    
    Our Denver Partner Completed a $845 day on 2 jobs.    
    Our Phoenix Partner Completed a $1873 Job.    
    Our Philadelphia Partner Completed a $1133 day on 3 jobs.    
    Our Phoenix Partner Completed a $1138 day on 3 jobs.    
    Our Houston Partner Completed a $1285 day on 2 jobs.    
    Our Phoenix Partner Completed a $1024 day.    
    Our Denver Partner Completed a $688 day on 2 jobs.    
    Our San Antonio Partner Completed a $728 day on 2 jobs.    
    Our Phoenix Partner Completed a $3524 day on 5 jobs. (With 2 vans)    
    Our Florida Partner Completed a $689 day on  1 job.    
    Our Phoenix Partner Completed a $4193 day on 5 jobs. (With 2 vans)    
    Our Houston Partner Completed a $768 day on 2 jobs.    
    Our Phoenix Partner Completed a $1166 day on 5 jobs.    
    Our San Antonio Partner Completed a $842 day on 3 jobs.    
    Our Denver Partner Completed a $899 day on 1 job.    
    Our Phoenix Partner Completed a $866 day on 3 jobs.    


My techniques and strategies are not for everybody.
They require a very conscientious operator, who naturally serves others as part of his character and makeup. I prefer to share my concepts with people who are religiously active and already operate with a faith based mindset.


































































































































An Opportunity Like No Other....

Throughout our great country, there are hundreds of carpet cleaning companies striving to succeed. And despite great efforts and determination  unfortunately many companies come and go never realizing the most significant key to success.  I have been in this industry over 25 years now and I have seen many come and go.  It's not that they didn't know their trade or that they didn't have the necessary experience or that they didn't work hard. I truly believe that in a lot of cases they simply never came to the most significant conclusion you can come to in this industry.............. 


                                                                 You Have To Care More Than The Client.....


                                                                  You can't fake it.........


                                                                  You can't portray it.........


                                                                  And ultimately it will determine your fate.


You have to care more about the customer's experience with you, than even the customer does. When you do this, unusual  extraordinary things will happen.  It is virtually inevitable.  Being in business has many challenges. Financial, operational and otherwise. It is easy to lose sight of this true key to success. As a business you help people.  You solve a problem for them. You make them feel better. They are willing to pay you to do this for them. That is typical....... But what if the client had an experience with you where there was an overwhelming sense that you cared much more about  the results you achieved, than even they did?


What if the client had an overwhelming sense that this was genuine and sincere?.........


How would a customer react to that?.......


How would you react to that?.......


This is the difference between struggling and succeeding in this industry. Because when people experience something extraordinary their natural reaction is to want to share the experience with      others. And more importantly,  they want to experience it again themselves.  It is inevitable.


We are trying to do something special here at Boss Optima. I truly feel we are one of the greatest sales and marketing companies this industry has ever seen. We are creating partnerships and alliances with the best owner operators we can find.  The goal is simple.  Become the greatest example the industry has ever seen of how it should be done. And demonstrate the success that comes from this mindset.


Part of my passion is helping others achieve and enjoy the success that is possible in this industry.

 If you could use my help, I would love to hear from you...



Mike Ochoa



  Imagine having a coach...
Who could show you how to grow your  business 10 times faster than a typical carpet cleaning business. Who could expose you to cutting edge techniques and procedures for  growing fast.

Who could help you create a business that would "get you off the truck".
You may not know, how much you don't know...




Consultation Impact. Life Changing.  
You can be the greatest  carpet cleaner in the world. If you do not know how to attract customers , it will not matter. You will ultimately fail.  There are two worlds you need to master and one of them is marketing. I can show you simple straightforward ways to make the customer want to pick you. But you must realize that this requires a complete makeover of your beliefs. You must start thinking like a customer at all times. I will show you how to be the obvious choice to the customer. But, I will insist you be willing to ensure you really are the best choice.

Again, this program is for non-competing markets who are not located in a current or future Boss Optima market. A good rule of thumb is : If there is a professional sports team within 35 miles of you, you will not be eligible for this program.


Owner Operators are required to apply for this consultation using our on line application below. Applicants are selected at our discretion.







Our Proven Business Strategies.....Changing lives.


You don't have to struggle...

There is a better way. You just have to practice "thinking like a customer". And you have to realize that the success you seek, can only be achieved when you truly, from the heart, start serving others before yourself.


This is a tough industry. Good carpet cleaners go out of business every day. You have to have strong marketing techniques just to have a chance to succeed. There is no such thing as succeeding just on your cleaning abilities alone.


I like to ask carpet cleaners : Who makes  your favorite pizza ?


Very few say pizza hut or dominoes. And yet , those companies dominate their industry. Ask yourself why?

The truth is, the majors may not be that different from you in the service they provide. They're just better at "packaging it". They control the experience of the customer, in a much better manner.




Honest Straight Forward Know How .

  There is no absolute guidelines to our consultation. Mike Ochoa will simply do his best to help you understand the techniques we use to attract customers high volume sales.

And then thoroughly explain how to use what we call "N.B.D Closing Techniques" to close a high percentage of our customers, at a high price point. 

You will also be given very specific scripts we use. And we will show you all 11 sales programs we use to stay busy. Programs and strategies you can implement immediately.

These are not things you have to spend a lot of money on or invest in. They are simple "concept changes" you can make today!

And finally we will explain how we keep our customers coming back so we are always growing.










Show me a carpet cleaner who cares far more about my experience then even I do. And I will be fiercely loyal!  












The majors are seeking your customers every day...






         National Headquarters  Mesa Arizona 

What if I showed you a simple 2 line phrase that enabled you to close 75% of the customers you give quotes to.

What if I showed you the technique we invented in 1997 that created a huge business from customers who initially said no to our prices.

What if I showed you how we get customers to call us back after they shop around.

What if I showed you the amazing impact of what we call  "N.B.D"






Consulting Rates  

 There is another world of knowledge available to you.

Clients have 2 options .

           Consulting Type        Consulting Fee     What you get

Face To Face  Consulting With Exposure to the State Of The Art Boss Optima Sales Department.

(One day 7 hour hour session with Mike Ochoa Personally at our company headquarters. Lunch provided.)


See first hand how we do what we do. And learn the secrets of the extraordinary Boss Optima Sales department, that sells thousands of dollars of carpet cleaning daily. Your entire view of carpet cleaning will change.



*Clients are required to pay for all travel expenses.
In person 7 hr session with Mike Ochoa

Exposure to the state of the art Boss Optima Sales Department.

Excellorator scripts that make it easy for you to use our techniques.

Access to our infobase.

Telephone  Consulting  

Two 3 hour sessions with Mike Ochoa. 

These in depth sessions will open doors to a whole new world of understanding for you. You will be exposed to exact techniques used to close customers at top dollar prices. This is not just "concepts". These are specific techniques, strategies and word for word scripts that will enable you to immediately start using our secrets.



Two 3 hour sessions via telephone
 with Mike Ochoa

Excellorator scripts that make it easy for you to use our techniques.

Access to our infobase.




f you think you are a "conscientious owner operator" ...
who is really "from the heart" trying to help people with your service...

I would like to speak to you, to see if you are compatible with what I teach.

I will ask you some questions about your business. And if I feel you are ready for what we teach I will offer to consult with you. And I will explain what I think the impact would be to your business.

At that point it's up to you if you want to proceed.

Mike Ochoa
President Boss Optima.

Call 1-800-566-9814 to speak to Mike Ochoa


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