Countdown To Starting Your Partnership    

  Boss Optima National Headquarters Mesa, Arizona  


  You are almost ready to start your partnership. The  Following 5 setup protocols must be completed by you and then verified by headquarters.
These protocols ensure that you are prepared to deliver our unique service.  Please complete the following 5 protocols by the date assigned to you by headquarters.....

 Boss Optima


  Order Your Magnets And Uniform Shirts
    Uniform Shirts can be ordered by calling....  Bigstitch Embroidery  480-345-6337
(2 shirts minimum) (Hats are optional and can be ordered also from Bigstitch)

Magnets can be ordered by calling ...  Arcadia Signarama 602-954-4680

  Purchase the following Uniform Accessories
(These items can be purchased locally at the place of your choosing)

     Solid Black or Tan Pants /Shorts 
 Unpleated , no cargo pockets on leg.
     Solid Black Shoes 
 Non marking shoes.
    Solid Black Socks (If shorts are worn)      
    Solid Black Belt     

Get your 6 Base Products ordered for our initial services.

  Prochem Fine Fabric Shampoo
This product is the only product used for all upholstery and area rug cleaning services.
(For liability we only use this product)
  Prochem Ultrapac Pre-Spray
This product is the primary pre-spray used for all carpet cleaning .
  Microban Milgow Plus
This is your sanitizing service product.
A gallon is purchased approximately every 4-6 months.
  Dupont Teflon Advanced Protector
    Oderless Mineral Spirits
This is your primary drapery cleaning product.
    All Fiber Rinse
This is your primary rinsing product through your carpet wand. And your pet stain neutralizer .


Schedule Your Calendar Orientation With Cathy Arredondo

We will be using a google online calendar schedule to stay coordinated with you. This calander will enable the sales team to always know when you have openings for  Boss Optima jobs.  Please call 1-800-566-9814 to schedule this 20 minute orientation.




Start Preparing Your Image Requirements And Study Your Service Guidelines.



   You are about to start delivering a service with much higher expectations then you may be used to . While you wait for your uniforms and magnets to be delivered, please make sure these 5 experience elements ready for service.


 Uniform complete, sharp and clean.

It sounds corny, but this is critical on so many levels. The customer is comparing you to every Tech they have ever been exposed to. Stand out here, and the customer is already moving towards fanatical.


This is one of the easiest and most bulletproof ways to start creating the perception we want. A 9 or 10 rating should always be achieved on appearance.


** If you start on a "try out basis" you will be asked to wear the following

    temporary uniform during your 1 month tryout:

  - Solid navy blue polo shirt .
  - Solid Black Pants
  - Solid black shoes and belt

 Please Do A Detailed Cleaning Of Your Equipment

Think your customer doesn't notice that grime on your wand. Your wrong. Customers see and notice the smallest details. They will probably never mention it to you. But they do. And it affects their view of you the messenger.



Please Clean The Cargo Area Of The   Van

Your van is a messenger in itself. It talks to every customer who sees it. The majors pay great attention to the appearance of there vehicles because they realize the profit multiplication of this. Customers can not help but want to see what the van looks like while you are there. Its inevitable.





Study Your  Training Guides In The National Close Out Bay....

Your customer wants to know you care. If you care more then her, she's in heaven. But you can't fake caring.

Either its genuine or its not.

Its much easier to care more and have a great attitude when you realize the public is willing to reward you and pay a premium for it. We are telling the public you are elite. We must live up to this billing.


Think about this for a second....allot of your happiness with what you do is tied to what your being compensated for doing it. Remember the last time you did a job that was very profitable? Did it "feel different" then other jobs you have done.  In Home Sales helps you be rewarded at a high level for performing at a high level.


Study The 5 Step Cleaning Steps. ..
Clients will ask you to explain the "5 step cleaning".








Study Your Basic Service Guidelines  

Furniture Moving Policy There are only 4 types of furniture that we are allowed to move:
-Sofa's   -Loveseats   -Chairs    -Tables (if cleared off)
  Stain Policy We tell all clients we will guarantee spots and stains as long as they have not "dyed the fibers". Pet stains , red kool aid, and wine are all examples of stains where we would make the attempt,  but if the attempt failed, we would simply inform the client that the stain has "dyed the fibers".  (Any stain that requires a heat transfer with an iron is charged extra. You determine the price for this treatment on site.)

Demo Guarantee Policy Every client is told (that if they request it) we will give them a 10 minute demo up front before we start the service. So, they may see are brilliant results.  The reality is only about 20% of our clients make this request.

30 Day Guarantee Policy All services performed by Boss Optima partners are warrantied to the the client for 30 days after the service date.

Constant Feedback Policy  As a technician in our organization, the standard we ask of you (to get 9 and 10 ratings) is to ask the customer to evaluate your work twice per room cleaned.  This constant feedback encourages the client to "feel safe" telling what they really think. And by doing this, redos are eliminated and ratings increase.

     Pet Stain Policy
    And Procedure.

Our companies sales agents are trained to use a very exact script when they discuss pet stain issues with our clients. Anytime a client expresses that they have pet stains. Here is what the client is told by the sales agent ...

"When we do our 5 step cleaning a basic pet stain neutralizer is included for all pet stains. If this fails to work, our technician will discuss other options with you when he is out there"

  What is this "Basic Neutralizer"?

It is 1 part Prochem All Fiber Rinse.
2 parts water . This basic neutralizer mixture is put into a hand pump sprayer and is applied to all pet stains before the pre spray.

It is the only treatment included in our service for pet stains.


This script basically tells the client that we will make an attempt with a basic neutralizer, as part of our regular service.  But if that fails, then you the technician have the ability to give a price quote to use enzymes, reducers, heat transfers or even water claw treatments .  The reality is there are several factors that will determine if this basic neutralizer mixture has a positive effect.  You just never know until you try it. And that is one of the most important keys to this policy ...

ALWAYS TRY THE NEUTRALIZER.  Even if you don't think anything will improve. We still must fulfill the promise that we have made to the client. There are several reason why skipping this attempt is bad for our business. So, please do not make this mistake. We will work hard to ensure that our clients  understand what has been promised to them. And if we do not deliver on this promise, you will damage your credibility severely with the client.  And jeopardize your license.

Please notice that the sales agent script says nothing about pet stain odors. The script  only addresses the stains created by pet accidents.  When it comes to any odor issues, our policy is always to let the technician quote the odor solution, when he is in the home.  The only time we will give any price quotes for odor removal, is if the client is really pressing hard for a quote before they commit. In this case, it is very common for us to quote about $25 a spot or $75 for an entire room of odor treatment.

We Only Sell Odor Treatments If We Believe We Can Solve The Problem
The general rule with odor treatment sales, is that we only sell odor treatment if we are confident it will remove the odor. And if we are willing to warranty it. If we are not confident of these things, we should not sell it.

 Sanitizing Incentive Strategy

Our National Sales Team uses a specific strategy to attract  clients who have previously not accepted an offer we gave them.
This strategy involves including a  sanitizing service  as an incentive to purchase from us.  This sanitizing service is promoted as a reason to reconsider an offer we have given a client .  This strategy is highly effective is luring customers back who have not accepted our previous offer.  The actual sanitizing service simply involves you adding a small amount of  anti microbial to your pre-spray when cleaning .  The primary product we recommend for this application  is Microban Milgow Plus.  A gallon of this product runs about $44 but will last you 4 to 6 months.   The long term cost of this Sanitizing Service is very low , when we consider the thousands of dollars in revenue created by this strategy. 

  Performing The Sanitizing Service At the Job Site

Step 1 Prepare a gallon of the  sanitizing  base mixture  by mixing 13 ounces of Microban Milgow Plus to one gallon of water.
This is the base mixture that will be used for the sanitizing service.

This base mixture will equate to costing you approximately 18 cents a job.

*1 Gallon Of Microban Milgow makes aprox 10 gallons of base mixture.
This equals aprox 256 jobs being performed by the 1 gallon .....18 cents a job !!
Step 2 At the job site add 5 ounces of your base mixture to your hydraforce presprayer with your preconditioner.  The sanitizer base mixture is applied with the preconditioner.    
Step 3 Make it a point to inform the client that you are adding the sanitizer to the pre-spray. Let the client be assured of this. This is a key "Experience Point" in our service.    



  Please advise our Market Director when you feel you will have all of the protocols completed.

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