National Service Partner Orientation

Welcome To Boss Optima.      

We look forward to a prosperous partnership with you.  


Our sales team is now preparing  to build a prosperous business with you.  Our headquarters in Mesa Arizona employs some of the most state of the art technologies available in our industry for sales and marketing. Our goal is to build a thriving business with you as our elite service provider. In this new trial partnership, you have the opportunity to prove to us that you can meet the requirements to become a licensed partner.  We will do our best to wow you with our sales performance and our ability to create highly profitable jobs for you on a constant basis.  All we ask from you, is that you wow the customers with your service. Get 9 and 10 ratings and deliver what is promised to the client.


As you begin to work with us, there will be many times where it will be necessary to contact us regarding job notes and service questions.  We encourage you to do this as much as necessary. Our sales team and administrative staff are here to fully support you through all operations with us.


This web page will help you to understand some general operating guidelines. If you require further explanation of anything you read on this page please call headquarters at 1-800-566-9814



  Boss Optima National Headquarters Mesa, Arizona  

Know What Your Customers Are Being Sold
It is critical  that  you  study  the  current market  website that  we have created for  your  market.  This will help acclimate you to all of the elements that are being used to promote  our service to the public. It  is  very  common  for  customers  to  ask  you  questions  about material they read on the website. Your market may have as many as 25 websites working nonstop to keep you busy. Each website is an exact replica of the other, but just labeled with a different city or town.

General Route Operating Guidelines Section 1
There are 4 Primary objectives our National Service Partners must adhere to, for our partnership to be effective:

O- Stay on schedule, do not be late.  (Arrive at the first job, at the first hour of the timeslot please)

Project a first class image to our clients.


Perform outstanding workmanship.

O- Give outstanding customer service.

How do we get the customer to pay top dollar?
Its actually very simple, we are promoting you as one of the best in the world. The idea behind Boss Optima is that we are an industry all star team.  The best of the best. We will use this message to attract customers and promote ourselves as the industry's elite. It is essential that the customer experience exceed their expectations.  We know from our extensive market research that customer who give us a "9" or  "10" rating behave much differently then customers who don't. Put simply, 9  or 10 ratings create wealth in our industry. Here at Boss Optima we will call each client after the service and get a rating in 3 categories.  Our standard is that 80% of our clients must give us a 9 or 10 rating.  Achieving this is essential to continue your partnership with us.

We know you are good, But we will make you elite.
As you acclimate into your partnership, the training we will give you will take you to an entirely new level of expertise. You will learn things that only a small few in our industry are aware of. Techniques, strategies and concepts that wow customers and create constant business. The key is for you to be open to the coaching we will give you. Do not let your ego keep you from soaring to new heights. The techniques and strategies we will teach you, create wealth in this industrey.

               Image is 50% of your Success 
One of the biggest secrets in carpet cleaning is understanding how important image is to profits. All the major chains spend millions on their image components . Uniforms, logos, item branding, these are all important to maintain a profitable growing business.  The image you deliver creates the experience your customer remembers. Our company consistently attracts high end customers who come back to us again and again , because we know what they want.  In your new partnership it is critical that you realize that the ratings you get on image are just as important as the ratings you will get on cleaning results. In the first stage of your trial partnership you will be asked to only utilize uniforms,  magnets and clean equipment. 

      Nike navy blue Boss Optima polo shirt   
      Solid black or tan pants  
      Solid black shoes and belt  

Understanding Our Tech ID System.
Our company takes great care, to try to create the most memorable experience possible with the customer during the sales process. One element of this  process is what we call our tech id procedure. This procedure gives the customer an "ID" of the technician we will be sending to their home.

After We Schedule The Client:  
Our sales rep will complete the sales process and will have  the customer scheduled on our electronic calander. One of the final steps of the scheduling process, is to tell the customer that we want to introduce them to the technician who will be performing their service.  And to do this, we are sending them a "tech Id" through an email.

This procedure has three objectives:

1.) To make the customer feel comfortable and safe with who we are sending to their home.  
2.) To "wow' them with how conscientious we are about their service.  
3.) To promote your abilities and skills. And help justify our prices.  

Customers love this gesture and give us very positive feedback about this email. The actual email contains a professional picture of you, plus a small description of you for the client.

A Staff Member From Our Headquarters Will Coordinate With You To Take A Tech ID Picture
 with you prior to running your first job.   If necessary, our admin staff will be scheduling an appointment for you, at a local portrait studio. This portrait will be the picture used on your tech id.  Headquarters will pay for the portrait and cover any cost associated with delivery of the picture to us. Your role is to simply ensure a prompt arrival at your scheduled appointment. And to be professionally dressed. When the session is completed, simply call headquarters and one of our admin staff with use a company credit card to pay for the studio visit.

  Taking your Tech ID Picture.
Our company Tech ID's are a critical element to wowing our customers.  It is very important that you dress professionally when taking your tech id picture.  Here are some examples of our existing partners tech ID pictures....

Neil King Albuquerque Partner   Spiros Moumoris Florida Partner 

We are committed to your success.  This element of our business, is just one factor that say's to the public, we are new better and different.......!


General Route Operating Guidelines Section 2 

When operating a Boss Optima service route please adhere to the following guidelines:



Please never call the client directly.  If you are running late or need to get In to a job early, please call headquarters.  A member of our staff will call the client for you.


If you are running  late  please  call  headquarters at  least 1 hour  before  the 1st hour of the timeslot.  Example: If you are running late to a job that is a 12-2.  Call headquarters by 11:00.

(We always want to give a client a 1 hour notice if we are running late.)






If you get to a job and there is any discrepancy regarding what is to be cleaned or the price of  the job, please do not negotiate with the customer yourself.      

Call headquarters and we will have the Sales Rep who sold the job deal with the client.

(The job of our Sales Dept is to ensure that you do not have discrepancies when you get to a customers home.  If there is a problem please allow them to correct it.)





If you ever need pricing assistance, please call headquarters.   


How does the customer get a receipt from you?
Our company will issue you an app for your cellphone which will enable you to closeout the job upon completion. You will simply enter the customers final totals, the manner in which they are paying. And press a button.  The customer will then have a receipt instantly emailed to their email account.

If a customer pays by credit card you will need to call headquarters to have the card processed. Our staff will give you an authorization number which you will have to enter into the app on your cell phone.


If you get to a clients home and the client wants to re-schedule , please call the office at that  time so a headquarters agent can reschedule the client at that time.


High quality work is essential for our partnership to flourish. During the job encourage the client to review your work and  feel comfortable communicating if they are displeased. showing concern and being conscientious  is critical for gaining client loyalty.


One of the biggest keys to getting 9 and 10 ratings is to understand that most clients do not naturally feel comfortable telling you when they are displeased.  There is a "wall" that must be broken down first. The more you ask for feedback the more you are relieving the anxiety for the customer and allowing the client to be honest and forthcoming.


Customers must be made to feel comfortable, being honest....

This is one of the biggest secrets for carpet cleaning success...

Quality always must be  a mutual conclusion between you and the client.




There are 5 Base products you are required to utilize  for your Boss Optima Services. Prochem Ultrapack Prespray.  Prochem Fine Fabric Shampoo. Prochem All Fiber Rinse. Dupont Teflon Sealer.  You can purchase these products direvctley from or from a local supplier.

        Uniform Shirts and Van Magnets
Your partnership requires you to wear our Nike Boss Optima Shirt with black or tan pants/shorts. And solid black shoes. Your pants and shoes can be purchased by you locally where you prefer. The Nike shirts must be purchased below.

Our Nike shirts can be purchased by calling  480-345-6337

The magnets for your van can be purchased by calling -602-954-4680

Please order your shirts and magnets as soon as possible. Let our headquarters know the approximate dates you will have them delivered to you.  We will coordinate our campaigns to start a few days before you receive your magnets and uniforms. So, you can have work as soon as possible.










General Route Operating Guidelines Section 3

Getting Assistance.




Don't Let the customer know that you don't know.

As you start running jobs in your new partnership , (especially in the first month), there will be many situations where you will have questions during the service visit. This is just part of the acclimation process with our company.

It is critical that we do not expose the customer to this. Please never seek assistance in front of the client. Always step outside the home and call headquarters so you can talk in private and get the answers you need. It never looks good for you to receive coaching or assistance in front of a client. Please always do this in private.





If you ever have issues that need to be addressed I always want to know. you can do anyone of the following:

                        Make a note on your close out for me to contact you.

                        Call me direct on my personal cell phone 480-734-7449

                        Or you can reach me at the office.  1-800-566-9814

                        Mike Ochoa



If a situation occures where you are unsure of the proper procedure, please do not assume or guess. Simply call headquarters and we will give you complete instructions on how to manage the situation.

For credit card processing simply call headquarters with the card information and we will process the card while you wait.  We always want to process credit cards while you are at the clients home. Please never leave the home without a confirmation number. We accept mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express.


No Cash Policy
As of today January 2013, all customers are being instructed that we do not accept cash as a form of payment anymore. If you have a customer who attempts to pay with cash. Call the office immediately and we will talk to the customer directly. Failure to do this, will be considered negligence. Cash is no longer accepted by our company.










General Route Operating Guidelines Section 4

Customer Stealing Violations.

You are on a path...

to become a licensed partner in this company. Be smart, about the temptations that come with a partnership like this. Our company has parted ways with talented technicians because they committed even small acts of client "side jobs".

Any form of personal client marketing or client stealing on any form is grounds for immediate contract termination and will make you subject to contractual penalties. Don't risk your partnership for a short term gain.

Please always stay conscious that side jobs and in any way promoting your company to Boss clients,  is always grounds for termination of our partnership. No one customer Is worth your lucrative partnership with us. 


The new subcontracting account you have with us  will enable you to fill your vacant time slots with extremely well priced jobs . Creating a whole new source of income for you.   And if you demonstrate the ability to manage it correctly, we may give you ownership of the account which means you can sell it for profit if you desire.


The benefits far outweigh the short term gain of doing a side job.












General Route Operating Guidelines Section 5

Maintaining Strong Service Image.



   Please make sure these 5 experience elements are always maintained in your service....


 Uniform complete, sharp and clean.

It sounds corny, but this is critical on so many levels. The customer is comparing you to every Tech they have ever been exposed to. Stand out here, and the customer is already moving towards fanatical.


This is one of the easiest and most bulletproof ways to start creating the perception we want. A 9 or 10 rating should always be achieved on appearance.


** If you start on a "try out basis" you will be asked to wear the following

    temporary uniform during your 1 month tryout:

  - Solid navy blue polo shirt .
  - Solid Black Pants
  - Solid black shoes and belt

 Equipment clean and well cared for looking.

Think your customer doesn't notice that grime on your wand. Your wrong. Customers see and notice the smallest details. They will probably never mention it to you. But they do. And it affects their view of you the messenger.



The Van

Clean and neat. With a Boss magnet on the door.

Your van is a messenger in itself. It talks to every customer who sees it. The majors pay great attention to the appearance of there vehicles because they realize the profit multiplication of this. Customers can not help but want to see what the van looks like while you are there. Its inevitable.





Your Attitude..
Your customer wants to know you care. If you care more then her, she's in heaven. But you can't fake caring.

Either its genuine or its not.

Its much easier to care more and have a great attitude when you realize the public is willing to reward you and pay a premium for it.


Think about this for a second....allot of your happiness with what you do is tied to what your being compensated for doing it. Remember the last time you did a job that was very profitable? Did it "feel different" then other jobs you have done.  In Home Sales helps you be rewarded at a high level for performing at a high level.


Your Workmanship..
Its simple, extraordinary results are like a cheer squad standing next to the customer, telling her how great you are during the entire service.

When you apply In Home Sales, your workmanship becomes a money printing press that you own.

In the first 30 minutes of a job we want to exceed the customers expectations with our cleaning results. When we do this, magic happens...  In Home Sales become effortless.







Essentially, we want to look new better and different then what they are accustomed to! We want that wow first impression! We want them to be impressed with the messenger.  You

Basic Service Guidelines  

Furniture Moving Policy There are only 4 types of furniture that we are allowed to move:
-Sofa's   -Loveseats   -Chairs    -Tables (if cleared off)
Stain Policy We tell all clients we will guarantee spots and stains as long as they have not "dyed the fibers". Pet stains , red kool aid, and wine are all examples of stains where we would make the attempt,  but if the attempt failed, we would simply inform the client that the stain has "dyed the fibers".  (Any stain that requires a heat transfer with an iron is charged extra. You determine the price for this treatment on site.)
Demo Gaurantee Policy Every client is told (that if they request it) we will give them a 10 minute demo up front before we start the service. So, they may see are brilliant results.  The reality is only about 20% of our clients make this request.
30 Day Guarantee Policy All services performed by Boss Optima partners are warrantied to the the client for 30 days after the service date.
Constant Feedback Policy  As a technician in our organization, the standard we ask of you (to get 9 and 10 ratings) is to ask the customer to evaluate your work twice per room cleaned.  This constant feedback encourages the client to "feel safe" telling what they really think. And by doing this, redos are eliminated and ratings increase.

          I am your customer and I have a huge secret.
Every time you come into my home, I am actually afraid to tell you what I really , really , really  think....

You see, I am afraid it will insult you.

 I am afraid you will "take it personally" , if I tell you that I am not really satisfied with something.

I am watching you work so hard and it looks like your trying to do a good job ......

So, I tend to downplay issues that concern me. Sometimes, its just too uncomfortable to complain.  And sometimes,  the worst part for me  is , I may love your effort and friendliness, but just not like the results your getting...  So its really uncomfortable to criticize your results to your face, when I may like you as a person.

 I am much more comfortable waiting for you to leave my house and then just calling the office and talking to them. Or just finding another carpet cleaner next time.

The only way you can ever truly "wow" me or really impress me is  to first make me feel comfortable telling you what I really think.  And understand that I really appreciate when you make me feel comfortable giving my opinion to you.

I would love to do that , but you must first reassure me, that it will not be awkward or uncomfortable. Believe me, it would be far more  convenient for both of us if I could just tell you now, while you are already in my home.

Here Is a great analogy of what I feel like when your in my home talking to me...

Imagine how comfortable would you be standing in front of a chef (just you and him) while he is asking you to taste his food. How comfortable would it be for you to tell him you don't like the taste...Or even that you hate it?

 When you see him working so hard ... Just for you.

I don't want a redo any more then you do. But you have to help me with my fear , by encouraging me to give you feedback often. 

The more you ask me for feedback....the more comfortable I will feel being honest.  And then at least we can get resolution on everything before you leave...

And please remember, I don't know anything about carpet cleaning. I am trusting you to care for me, in this area of my life...

Now partners, ask yourself....which chef would you rather have cook for you? 

"The one who never asks how it tastes"?

Or the one who.. "is passionate about making sure you love the taste"??

From Mike Ochoa:I can't tell you how many times a technician, trying out for our company, thought he did a great job because a customer gave him a tip or "seamed very happy" when he was done.

And then we call the client a few days later and they give us a 5 rating. If you only ask the client once or twice what they think, don't assume their being honest with you.  Statistics show they are not being sincere about what they really, really, really  think. Because it would be way to uncomfortable for them to judge your work, to your face.

"Honest feedback is a huge key to 9 and 10 ratings. " But you must ask for it often.  So often, that the customer will start putting their guard down and really start feeling safe to tell you what they really think. The best technicians want the customers feedback.

 Don't make the mistake of not asking how your food tastes.

Important Service Guidelines For Upholstery Cleaning And Area Rug Cleaning  

Upholstery Cleaning Procedure

You will be doing a lot of upholstery cleaning with our company. It is only a matter of time before you experience a material that is color unstable . It is critical that you follow this procedure to ensure you do not damage any material you clean. This procedure has been used for over a decade on thousands of pieces of upholstery and has never damaged any fabric.


Upholstery cleaning is by far one of the most high risk services you can do in our industry.
In the world of upholstered fabrics, there is no uniformity in the way fabrics are manufactured or produced. This creates allot of variances in how fabrics can respond to cleaning agents. In our companies history we have definitely "bought" a few couches in our time and learned from our mistakes. Trust us when we tell you this : Its only a matter of time before you clean a sofa that will be likely to discolor or "brown out" And it may be no fault of yours.  Its just may be a fabric that has either unstable colors dyes or is very sensitive to ph levels. 

The procedure we employ with our service partners is not optional. It is critical that you adhere to this procedure only when cleaning upholstery for our clients.

It all started with the Von Schrader Machine
First I want to give you an overview of how we came to the conclusion of using our special process.  In the early 1990's our company began utilizing a special machine for delicate upholstery called a Vonschrader Esprit Upholstery Machine.
We purchased 3 of them. This machine utilizes a foam cleaning agent with a motorized brush head. Here is a picture of the actual machine. Notice the motorized brush head (this is where foam came out) and the separate vacuum piece.
  The Von Schrader  

Our company used this machine for over 5 years with great success.  We loved how we could clean pretty much every fabric with it and the material dried very quickly. Most experts will tell you that the number one issue with upholstery cleaning is the number of things that can go wrong if a fabric stays wet to long.

Moisture is always dangerous:

An upholstery inspector once told me:



"Mike you could throw a couch in a lake and if you could get it to dry in 20 minutes there would probably be no harm to even the most delicate fabric".


So we always knew that dry time was key to safety. The Vonschrader machine was excellent at this. Most fabrics dried within 30 minutes regardless of how many times you went over an area.  So there was no risk in repeating a cleaning procedure 4 or 5 times to get the best result on the arms or seat cushions.


With all of the other forms of cleaning, the more you go over the fabric the wetter it gets and the longer the dry time. And of course the higher the risk of something going wrong.  Bleeding, brownout and fugitive dyes are the most common issues cleaners face. I cant tell you how frustrating it was to throw a whole years worth of upholstery profit out the window because we had to buy a 5 thousand dollar couch!


The problem with the VonSchrader machine

The problem was, the machines were very high maintenance for us. We often only had 2 out of the 3 working at one time due to one failure or another.  Plus, whenever the machine went down we usually had to wait a long time for parts. Don't get me wrong we loved the machines effectiveness. It just had a hard time holding up to the volume of use we were giving it.

So, around this time we started to experiment with devising our own system using the mechanics of what we had learned from the Vonschrador machine.  Now, when we cleaned with the Vonschrader machine we were creating a very thick foam almost like a thick lather. This foam mixed with the dirt and brushed nicely into the material. 

The foam came directly out of the brushhead while we massaged the brush into the fabric.  The more we brushed with the motorized brushhead, the more the foam seemed to release the dirt. Allot of times, the foam would turn brown as we powerbrushed it. Then we would take the little vacuum head and just vacuum the foam off.  There was no moisture or rinsing agent  being injected into the fabric at all. This worked great.  The fabrics dried quickly and the customers loved the results. We set out to replace the Vonschrader machine with our own manual system. Here is what we came up with......


We Decided To Replicate The Meathod

After about 3 years worth of researching,  we found a product called Prochem Fine Fabric Shampoo. This is also a foaming type of cleaner that is very neutral so it can be used on pretty much any fabric. It cleans well , but the biggest key is the foaming action it creates. Its nice and thick just like the Vonschrader product. This is the only product we ask you to carry for upholstery cleaning. Here is a link to purchase this.  Prochem Fine Fabric Shampoo


So ultimately there are only 4 tools you need for upholstery cleaning:





Don't take chances with upholstery. Its only a matter of time before you come across an unstable or sensative fabric.

Clean safe with our advanced method.
You can clean any fabric safely with this meathod.
Prochem Fine Fabric Shampoo   Upholstery Horse Hair Brush    Hand Pump Sprayer    Upholstery Handpiece

We came up with a 5 step procedure using this product.
Step 1 Mix the Prochem Fine Fabric Shampoo according to the directions on the bottle. Pour this into the Handpump sprayer.
Step 2 Spray a nice even mist of the product on the sofa using a hand pump sprayer
Step 3 Brush the product thoroughly into the fabric. Lather the fabric well.
Step 4 Vacuum the product completely off of the fabric using your hand piece. (With no water running through the hand piece)
Step 5 Repeat steps 2 through 4 until you achieve the desired result.


You should be able to clean any upholstery fabric with this procedure.  it does not matter if the fabric is marked wet clean or dry clean only. This procedure is safe, its effective and its simple.  Just like the Vonschrader system.  

Of course there are many schools of thought as to how upholstery should be cleaned. And without question there are techniques that are much more aggressive then our process. But in terms of safety and risk management, I feel this is the best method we can employ. The fact of the matter is, our company has never damaged a piece of upholstery with this method.

Our Super Safe Area Rug Procedure, Using The Same Prochem Fine Fabric Shampoo 
A lot of technicians get intimidated cleaning expensive area rugs because of the danger of damaging a rug. Some technicians insist on "picking up" the rug and taking it to an oriental rug cleaning company .  If you use our proven system, you can clean ANY AREA RUG YOU WILL EVER ENCOUNTER.  Right in the customers home, safely. We have used this procedure for over a decade and have never damaged a rug with it....

  Step 1  Mix the prochem fine fabric shampoo in a 2 or 3 gallon sprayer per the instructions. Place a plastic drop cloth under the rug to protect the floor from moisture.  ($2 at home depot) .  Very important for image.    
  Step 2 Spray the rug heavily with the shampoo. And rake the shampoo in thoroughly with a carpet rake. You want to rake north and south and east and west. As you rake the rug, you will actually see the rug start to "look clean" from the shampoo agitating into the rug. The goal is to rake the rug until it looks completely clean.    
  Step 3 The final step is to rinse the rug using a neutralizing rinse like prochem fiber rinse. (be sure to do a lot of dry strokes when you are finished,  to leave the rug as dry as possible)    


Drapery Cleaning Procedure (Click Here)


General Route Operating Guidelines Section 6

Job Close Out Requirement.

Our company uses easy to learn systems...

These systems organize, schedule and issue jobs to you. Upon completion of each service, you are required to close out the job and email the client a receipt on our cell phone app.

Online Calendar Management
Our company utilizes an online calendar to coordinate schedules  between our sales team and you.  You will be able to mark off timeslots where you have personal jobs scheduled. And our sales team will simply try to fill your vacant time slots with our jobs. This calendar is on google and you will be given access to this.

♦- It is critical that you keep this calendar updated and current with your personal jobs.
♦- If you need time off or day off,  simply mark your calendar off for that timeslot or day.


Job Issuing System  
Our sales team will issue your next day jobs between 3pm and 6pm each day.

♦- Your jobs will be emailed to you.

♦- You will be issued work orders in your email.  When we email your work orders to you, you will print these out. And have the client sign them when the service is completed.


Client Invoice Issuing
Upon completion of the service, the procedure for invoicing the customer is as follows:

♦-Customer signs the printed work order. (You keep this for personal archiving )

♦- Customer is emailed the full color invoice as receipt. (using our phone app)

♦- Any in home sales you add should be itemized on both the email invoice and the printed work order.

Managing Easy Pay Customers  
Easy Pay is a program our sales team uses to help encourage sales. This program enables a customer to pay for our service in two payments. One payment is due upon completion of service. And one payment is due in 30 days from the date of service. We discourage customers from using checks for easy pay.

Customers are encouraged to use a credit or debit card for easy pay processing.


If a customer is scheduled on our easy pay program, the invoicing procedure is as follows:

♦-Ask the customer for a credit or debit card. And explain that we will only be charging half the amount today. And the balance 30 days from today.

♦- Call headquarters and process the first payment. And report that you have an easy pay customer. Headquarters will record the customers payment info for the 2nd payment.

♦-We do not prefer to accept checks with the easy pay program.

Job Closeout System  
Upon completion of the service, the service partner is required to close out all jobs before leaving the clients home.   (Even jobs that cancel) . This is done by using the cell phone app issued to you. This procedure essentially tells headquarters what the end result was for that job.

♦- Please "check in" to the job when arriving and closeout  the job before leaving the

♦- If job cancelled explain why on the closeout.
     ***(Always contact headquarters in the moment if a job is cancelling)

♦- If any In home sales were achieved, please itemize what was sold on the closeout.

♦- Please grade the sales rep on each job, for both pricing and invoicing accuracy.
     ***(This is essential to help us maintain job quality)





Interacting With Our Salespeople
Maintaining Conviction And Belief In What They Sell..
As a National Service Partner you will have constant interaction with certain Sales People from the national headquarters.

I ask you to be very conscientious of the impact you have on our sales peoples "belief" in what they sell. I encourage our National Service Partners to always demonstrate a "can do attitude" when coordinating with our sales people.


Because the personal view they develop for you will have a direct impact on their belief in what they are selling.....Which is you.  When a Sales Person believes strongly in what they sell, their sales increase.

We have severed relationships with National Service Partners in the past, because we felt the Sales team did not have faith and conviction in the technician they were marketing.  All of the elements we preach about how to treat a customer to  "win them over' apply to how we also treat our sales people
and also how we treat our National Service Partners!


How you will be paid by our headquarters. 

Maintaining Conviction And Belief In What They Sell..
As a National Service Partner you will have a check mailed to you approximately every 2 weeks with a detailed market report showing the progression of your market.

Depending on where in the pay period you start,  you may have to wait up to 3 and a half weeks for your first check. But once you receive your first check you should expect a check about every 2 weeks.  (Within a 3 day window).

Payroll checks are processed over a 3 day period. Depending on where you are in the process your check will be issued on one of the three days we are processing . Please allow a 1 to 3 day window for your check to arrive.

*Deposit Flags
As a new partner you will be subject to deposit flags for the first 9 months of your partnership. The payout system used to pay our National Service Partners is completely automated. In the event that a deposit is not made within 48 hours of a job being completed a "deposit flag" is created in our system that indicates a manual deposit check  must be done before pay out can be completed. This manual deposit check must be done by a headquarters  staff member  as their schedule allows.  Deposit flags usually mean your check will be delayed until all manual deposit checks have been completed.  TO AVOID DEPOSIT FLAGS, PLEASE MAKE ALL DEPOSITS WITHIN 48 HOURS OF JOB COMPLETION. Our automated pay out system requires this ensure you are paid on time.

  O P T I M A
   Equity License  

Achieving Equity Partnership 

Maintaining Conviction And Belief In What They Sell..
As a new service partner with our company, you may be given the opportunity to achieve equity partnership with our company. What does this mean?

Put simply, you may be given a license you can own,  that gives you ownership of the account with us. 

Think of it as owning an account that you can sell to another carpet cleaner if you want to.  You can sell the account for profit as long we approve of who you are selling the account to. These licensed accounts have been sold for as much as $40,000 by partners in our company.  You wont pay a dime for this license. We will simply give it to you as part of the agreement for managing the market correctly.

Generally we want to work with a partner for a year before giving an ownership license. But our headquarters has issued this license in as little as 5 months to partners who have excelled in their ratings and shown exceptional care of the clients in their market.

The truth is, our company wants to give a license to you. We feel you will be an even greater partner if you are building equity with us. We just have to know that we are compatible in our beliefs and operations. We have to know that you care as much as we do. Over 90% of our partners have ownership of their license.

Initially you will start off as a basic  subcontracting partner and you will be granted a temporary license to operate, while we obtain ratings and measure your work performance.  A Temporary license can not be sold or issued to any other party.

  You are now ready to begin your partnership
   Please notify our headquarters that you have completed the online orientation.  


Market Zone Mapping

Please fill out the cities and towns that make up the 4 zones of your territory. Your Sales Reps will do their best to try to keep you in 1 zone with the daily routing. However sometimes this is impossible based on the needs of the customers.
                   Zone 1    ( North East Of You)                          Zone 2     (North West Of You)
                     Zone 3  (South East Of You)                                   X                             Zone 4     (South West Of You)
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