Understanding Our Formula For Rapid Growth.
The  formula our company uses to grow fast, is based on a 3 element formula. It is critical that you understand your role in the formula. Two of the elements are solei on you!

 Element 1

We will promote to the public that we are new better and different then any other carpet cleaning company they have ever used. This combined with all of our proprietary technology will bring plenty of new first time customers.
They will be eager to see what is so "new better and different" about us.

They will be willing to pay more for our service, because they are expecting more!

These "new customers" will be constant. They will be there month after month year after year. They wiill be very expensive customers, because of the high marketing  cost we will have to spend to get them. There will be profit in these customers, but we will have to spend every day to keep them coming.

The responsibility to keep these new customers coming falls  on headquarters.

Your responsibility is to get these jobs completed, to ensure we don't take "job failure losses".  This means when we send a job to you, we are about 40% invested in that job. On a $200 job , we have spent $80 to get it into your hands.

If you fail to complete the job....(for any reason) we eat that $80 and now we have to adjust our new customer spending to recoup the loss. (not good for either of us).

Every day we compete against the majors for internet market share. We fight for "position" on the google and bing top web pages. This internet marketing game is based on who can "outbid" the others for top position. To play that game, we need everything we sell to run....

So, on element one, your role is very simple.....Get the jobs we send you done.


 Element 2

When you join our organization, you must be an outstanding student of the concepts we will teach you about winning customers. The history of our company has given us tremendous insight into how the public views carpet cleaning and the people they experience in it. The kind of information we have is like having customers tell us their most inner thoughts about what they love and hate.... Things they would never
feel comfortable saying to your face...Or any technician in their home.

We tend to look at everything under a microscope. We don't want any negative service elements. We want nothing that a customer can remember about our service, to be negative.

To a certain degree , you must let go of some beliefs you may have about what equals success in this industry....This is not about "trading" good carpet cleaning for money. Its about courting customers, wowing them, locking them into us. Being so different that there really is no comparison between us and everybody else.

Here you are going to be taught to always think like a customer.

You also must be willing to make "show business" and "presentation" a big part of your focus. We are going to teach you to be always mindful of what customers see and experience.

We will be "dressing" your equipment in special padding pieces to maximize presentation. We will be asking you to follow special procedures to put on a show for your customers. all of this is to ensure that we get 10 ratings...

Being a great student of all of this and executing it, falls solely on your shoulders.
If you do this, we will grow as fast as possible.




 Element 3

You must provide a service that is absolutely, without a doubt, new, better and different then any service the customer has ever seen.

YOU MUST FULLFIL THE PROMISE THE SALES PEOPLE MADE. If you do this , the mission is accomplished. We have a customer who has become "locked in" to us.  We will measure this, by getting ratings from the customers after the service. The goal is a "10" rating.

What is unique about all of this,  is by making the customer "anxious and eager" to see what is special about us, and then delivering,,,,We end up with a customer who has had a very unique experience with us, from start to finish.

A memorable experience....... And we can bank on them coming back, on average every 11 months!

If you fail to deliver NEW BETTER DIFFERENT..... Our analysis saids we will never see that customer again.  And the whole effort is wasted by you and us. The customer will try us once and resist any marketing we do to them.

The responsibility for delivering NEW BETTER DIFFERENT falls solely on you!!  

How much "repeat" business we have is determined 100% by you!   Remember just delivering a good carpet cleaning is not nearly enough. It must be NEW BETTER DIFFERENT.

The goal is to get 80% of our customers using us again within 11 months and 40% of our customers using us at least twice a year for one of our services.....Now if we combine all of that activity with our steady stream of "new" clients, you can see how fast growth becomes a reality...

And as we move from year to year, the compounded effect of all this "repeat business" becomes explosive.



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