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A look into the culture of our company.......        

The following webpage is a copy of an article that the founder of our company authored in 2011 for some new partners of our organization. It offers an interesting glimpse into the culture of our company. And what has made us so successful.....

Your beliefs are the foundation that govern your success level. Whether you realize it or not, the level of success you have right now is directly tied to the beliefs you have about what you do.   Change your beliefs, and your success level changes as well.

To be successful in our organization, you must be open to some new concepts. A new better way of operating .  A way of operating that is competitive with the major companies in our industry. Coit, Stanley Steamer, Servicemaster.

These are some very different beliefs then what you may currently have..... But, you must understand that these beliefs create a distinct advantages for us in the marketplace.  My respected partners, please open your mind to what I have authored on this page for you.......


At this level of operating,  success almost has nothing to do with what you know about carpet cleaning... Its about what you know about human nature and human relationships...

This page is going to outline 9 beliefs that will change your life in this industry. And help bring you to our level of performance. Think of these beliefs as a foundation we will build your success on. Everything we will ever ask of you will be consistent with these beliefs. At this level with us, you must  operate in a way that is equalivent to the majors like Coit, ZeroRes and Stanley Steamer.

Our new partners  must adopt a mindset that is aligned with these beliefs. Or risk being told that you are a liability to are organization.  Open your mind to a new way of thinking about what you do. What we are going to teach you on this webpage are concepts being taught in  business universities right now.......

Respected Partners:      

Think of any major successful company in this country..........Walmart.........Home Depot......Starbucks......Apple.......Best Buy.....

Think of the experience you have had when you have done business with them and I promise you, you will see these same beliefs in effect in ALL of the most successful companies. You are playing in the major leagues now. You have to be open to adopting these same beliefs or your partnership  will not succeed.  Our Sales Department operates on these beliefs as do our best partners.

Here is an interesting fact: 
The partners who seem to have the fastest success with us have all worked for the major companies like Coit, Stanley Steamer and Zerores. So, they have already been exposed to these beliefs firsthand.

If you have not worked for a major chain, you may have doubts as to why these beliefs are so critical. Please understand these beliefs do not just win customers. They create wealth!!!   That is why the majors do millions in sales each year...

Please open your mind to these concepts:


Belief No 1        

We want our customers to become married to us. And become lifetime customers.

The customer must be treated as a someone who we want to fall in love with us and become  a lifetime customer.


Successful companies view every customer experience as an opportunity to further  "marry" there customer to them. What does this mean?  It means you are always hyper conscious of what the customer is experiencing. And you work to create "love" feelings associated with with there experience with us.

Successfull companies do this with the overall goal of getting 100% of every dime the customer will ever spend in their lifetime on that service or product.

What do I mean by "love feelings"??

Customers "love" when you show you care.     Customers "love" when you do something remarkable for them.    Customers "love" when they feel safe with you.    Customers "love" when they can brag about their.....(fill in the blank) Favorite ice cream shop, favorite restaurant, favorite shoe store, favorite carpet cleaner...

In the world of business, "Love feelings equal big profits!!!!!"  And love feelings  help marry the customer to us.

A married customer is unlikely to "cheat" on us.......And they will be faithfull over their entire lifetime.  Think of all the companies and brands you have been faithfull your entire life to?

Think of how fiercly loyal you are to them??   This is not an accident. They carefully planned this marriage to you!

Respected Partners:
When you interact with a customer you must treat them as you are courting them for a lifetime relationship.....
Do not make the mistake of acting like a "trader".  What is a trader?............let me explain.....

When I talk to a lot of carpet cleaners who have not worked for the majors , they almost seem to have an attitude of a trader: A person who is simply trading a service for money. I clean your carpet pay me.  Its an even trade. If the customer is happy great. But if there is an issue  the Tech acts like a trader defending the trade that was just done....he takes a me against you attitude with the client.


What they don't understand is that the customer has a huge selection of people they can trade with. WHY SHOULD THEY TRADE WITH YOU???

This is not a "trade" relationship with our customers. It is a courting relationship. We are courting them to never want to use anybody else.
Stop thinking of your customer as this disposable person who you simply trade with.

Start thinking of your customers as lifetime fans of yours.....people who we want to be fanatical about what they experience with you. For their entire life.


Belief No 2  

We can not have even one negative element in our service.

One negative customer feeling cancels and deletes all or most love feelings.


Successful companies realize that all the love feelings and positive experiences that are created can be all cancelled out with just one small negative experience.

Here is a great way of thinking about this.

A Positive customer experience like.....(you got a tough stain out for the client ) might = 10 "love points" 

A Negative customer experience like..............  (you were dressed sloppy) = minus 300 "love points"

Now you might have done 10 things the customer loved and have 100 "love points" But as you can see the one negative element created a 200 point deficit.

The catch is.....The customer will not tell you this. They will not tell you that you are negative 200!!! They will just smile and think " I'm probably not using this guy again" All with a smile on their face....

Imagine going to a restaurant and having this  great dining experience....the appetizer was great.  The main course was fantastic.................. the service was great....... everything perfect on all levels ..............and then the desert comes and there is a hair in it.

What will  you remember  most....................all the greatness.............. or the hair????

I get frustrated when new partners fail to realize that just one small negative element cancels 50 great service elements!

WE HAVE TO BE SO GOOD AT WHAT WE DO,  THAT WE ELIMINATE ALL NEGATIVE SERVICE ELEMENTS. Stop thinking you have all of this leeway with the customer..YOU DONT!


Belief No 3  

We must be exceptional at what we do.

Being only "good' pretty much assures failure. In fact you might as well be mediocre at what you do. You have the same chance of succeeding.


Successful companies realize that being  "good'  guarantees you absolutely nothing as far as success is concerned. In fact you probably will fail. There's too many good companies the public can choose from. Why should they come back to you???

"Good" companies fail all the time.

Look at Apple.....they are in one of the most competitive industries in the world. And yet they continue to innovate and remain distinct!! And thrive.

You know why Coit and Stanley steamer are so successful. They simply have a better formula for excellence. Its not luck , its not a fluke.
 Its a system. A formula. A recipe for success they follow every day.

Respected Partners:
Really think about this saying................
.Success is simply the fulfillment of requirements.

Coit, Stanley Steamer and Zerores have defined the requirements for what the public wants.............And they have become  very effective at fullfilling them.


Belief No 4  

Showmanship Is critical.

The public thinks companies who utilize show business And showmanship are better then others. Our business must have a strong  focus on "Showmanship"


Want a  30k business college education?..........Go spend a year at a Starbucks coffee shop.   

Lets think about it..........At its core Starbucks is just a 1500sqft coffee stand.  And yet the public walks in and they feel like there in another universe...A "Starbucks universe".   When a customer walks into the store,  Starbucks controls everything the customers views, the music the customer hears, the smells. All of a customers senses are engaged. Starbucks has element after element of showmanship and show business.  Starbucks is so strong at showmanship and show business that the public will pay $5 for a cup of coffee from them.  And become married to them for life!!!

Starbuck customers are fanatical because the Starbuck experience is so unique. I mean, can the coffee really be that much better then McDonalds coffee???

Respected Partners:
Coit Stanley steamer and zero res are creating there own universes when they walk into a customers home. If you do not buy into this idea that you must become a showman. You can not succeed in our organization.

In 2012 we will mandate many elements that are purely related to showmanship.


Belief No 5  

We never give customers a reason to divorce us.

When the customer is not happy priority is them coming back............not the immediate profit.


So really think about this...........I can go to Wal-Mart. Buy a shirt. Wear it 3 times and  wash it twice. Put a stain on it.  Then take it back with my receipt and get a full refund.

Do you think Wal-Mart does that because there just really nice guys???

No my partners....., Walmart does that because an analyst who makes about 90k a year told them that it was far more profitable to take the shirt back then to not take it back.   And keep the customer coming back for life.......

After all , a married customer is going to spend a lot of money in their lifetime...........

So the next time you want to complain about a Redo you have to drive back to. Save your breath. Were going to play the game the exact same way as Wal-Mart..............(And coit and Stanley steamer). We are going to ensure the customer keeps using us for life.......


Belief No 6  

Our customers must feel like they got more then what they paid for.

The public will pay more for an exceptional experience (1 time). They wont come back if the experience doesn't exceed the price.


How does Mercedes get people to spend 60k on a car?  Simple,  by making the car look,drive and feel like a  80K car.

You just make the experience exceed the price...

Our sales department is the ultimate proof of this. Every day we generate sales where we charge more then coit and Stanley steamer.

Every day we sell customers at a higher price point then what they intended to pay. How do we do it?

By creating curiosity and intrigue. And offering the customer more then what they were shopping for.
This is great for getting us in the door. But it will not ensure our success. The service we deliver must exceed what we are selling. If it does not, we end up with a lot of customers who try us once and never come back.




Belief No 7  

Everything about us must be clean.

"Clean And Neat" is absolutely necessary. Image is everything!


Want to invest in your personal development?  Have Coit or ZeroRes come and clean your personal homes carpet. And pay attention to the appearance they are projecting to you. Notice how clean everything that comes into the house is. 

This is not an accident. these major chains know that the public is paying for "cleaning". And any customer (you included) would be turned off by cleaning service being performed by a tool or Technician that is dirty.........

But it goes much deeper then that...............

Walk into any grocery store and pay attention to how clean everything is............the floor........the windows......The uniforms people wear.

Psychologically, as human beings we always associate clean with good qualities..........

Clean equals=goodness
Clean equals=Trustworthy
Clean equals=professional
Clean equals=safe
Clean equals=better

You will not find a fortune 500 company in this country who does not pay huge focus to the public always seeing them in a manner that is  "Clean"

Stop thinking that it is ok to have a uniform that is wrinkled, stained or sloppy. The public always views this negatively. And more importantly it is a "negative service element" . It negates all the amazing great things we are doing as a company.


Belief No 8  

You as a technician must be special.

The customer must sense a difference between you and the previous Techs they have had in their house.


Our customers are being told we have some of the best Technicians in the country in are organization. That will sell a lot of jobs for us. But, we must back it up in the house. The customer must feel you are more capable and more professional then what they have experienced before.


Belief No 9  

We must  have the best equipment and tools we can afford.

Our tools and equipment have to be as good as Coits and Stanley Steamer.


When the public chooses Coit, Stanley Steamer, And Servicemaster. They know they are getting a top tier service. With top tier equipment, tools and products.

You may not have the best equipment and tools when you first start with us.

But with the success that comes from your partnership it is critical that you invest in equipment and tools that are equivalent to what the majors are using.

On the sales end , you can trust that we will always be cutting edge.  At this point I feel we have many elements that are beyond what the majors are doing with their sales departments.   

When your partnership starts with us.  We will do our best to demonstrate our excellence. We have some of the most state of the art software, technology and web design working for us. 

As your income improves with us, it is essential that you invest in the current tools and equipment being used by the majors. We are aggressively taking customers from the majors. Our customers deserve the same equipment and tools and products the majors have.......


We are not in business to simply be profitable
or even successful. We are in business to make a statement. We are in business to be the ultimate example in our industry of this principle:

"That the simple act of truly trying to help and care for people, in an honest sincere way, in a just way,  is the most absolute road to the highest form of success possible."

To be in business with us you must buy into this culture. Or your partnership is doomed to fail.

Culture has a funny  way of spitting out those who do not belong.

I talk to technicians all the time who inquire about partnering with us. And sometimes when I interview them ("And put em under the microscope")  I am blown away by the lack of knowledge  they have for how to be successful.  And the pure disconnect they have for what appeals to the public.

Put simply: "They view there work through the eyes of a technician"  Not through   " the eyes of a customer".

They think its ok to not be uniformed. (or just wear a company t-shirt)  "As long as you clean good."
They think its ok to focus on just being a "a great cleaner"  and to heck with image and appearance.
They think they can succeed paying no attention to the "show business"  of carpet cleaning.

"Cause I'm a ma and pa cleaner" and I offer a "personal service".

Well guess what,  while there limping along being ma and pa . Offering their personal service. The majors are gobbling up market share, making millions and creating experiences that "lock" the customers into them. The only Ma and Pa companies who ever succeed are the ones who operate like the majors!

The majors became the majors...........By locking in one customer at a time!!!

And more importantly..............."Thinking like a customer".

Guess what these 4  companies have in common: Coit, Stanley Steamer, Servpro, Zero Res.  First they are some of the most successful companies in our industry. Second they all pay an enormous amount of attention to the "experience the customer receives"  In other words they are very good at "thinking like a customer" and this has equaled millions of dollars in profits for them. They are all about the show business. Or "experience business" of carpet cleaning.

Do you know that servpro has furniture tabs that say "Servpro" on them.
Do you know that all stanly steamers techs wear the exact same shoes.
Do you know that Zero Res has a vacuum hose cleaning procedure after every job!
Do you know that Zero Res teaches their techs to actually clean pieces of upholstery for free just to create a "wow factor".

Now they don't do this cause there nice guys and they just happen to be generous. Get it straight, they do it because it equals maximum profits.  They do it because the public loves the experience they give them. And they become totally loyal. And that loyalty is worth millions in profits.

But they have a weakness.
You see,  they can only care to the level of "an employee". They can only care to the level of "someone working for a company".

We can top that. We can care as "owners of our organization".  Boss Optima is a ownership Co-op.  An industry All Star team of National Service Partners owning there market, combined with a headquarters who  has the most cutting edge "Customer care" marketing strategies available. And highly conscientious Sales People.

So here is where we fit into the mix. We find experienced, seasoned business operators who already know how to clean well (You).  We help you understand what the majors already know. The "experience business" of carpet cleaning.  We help you emphasize the importance of controlling the customers experience. We emphasize "caring for the customer" not just in the cleaning results but in the entire service experience. We teach you to care for the customer on an entirely new level...............

Controlle of the "customer experience" combined with a new, better, different level of "care".  The kind of care that only an owner can give. The kind of care that only someone with a stake in the business can give. A genuine care.

A Higher Level Of Care...... In 5 words ,that is our culture!

You cant fake it, you can't manufacture it and you can not improvise it. Either you deeply care or you don't.  When a customer feels deeply cared for, sincerely, geniounly, honestly........... they feel it, they absorb it and they remember it.  And its powerful.

Ask any Boss Salesperson and they will tell you they are drilled constantly about demonstrating care for the customer. They are taught to never make the customer feel like they are being sold. There taught to be neutral, passive. They are taught to simply be great messengers. They are taught to "think like a customer". And be conscientious of the experience the customer is getting.

This kind of gentle passiveness goes against all common sales techniques that are taught in the world and yet we sell at an incredible level.  Why?   Cause the public loves the experience we give them.

Most of you are familiar with 2 of our sales people ...........Cathy Arredondo  and Angela Wilson. These two really demonstrate care for their customers.

Do you know that using their "Care for the customer experience beliefs" these two routinely sell 80k to 100k a month in services......

Do you know that the majority of customers who participate in our gifting program do this before you get to the home. They are actually referring us to friends and relatives before they experience the service. Even though they could just as easily wait till after the service and still get their discount. That is how impressed they are with the sales experience they received. They assume the service must be as good as their sales experience.

That's the power of deeply caring for your customers.

When we combine this with the better care you give in the home, amazing things happen.  Customers become fanatical. And they become fiercely loyal.  And this brings enormous success for us.

This page was written to give you the blueprint for our success. The national headquarters is working tirelessly to help coach you in this culture.

You must open your mind and heart to this culture and trust that it is an absolute road to success.

We only want to work with like minded individuals. As the president of this organization, I have a responsability to ensure a Partner does not jepordize our national reputation. We live in the internet age. A negative effect created in your market can affect all markets. We must support eachother in this culture.

Together we are one of the greatest assemblies the industry has ever seen. But we are only as good as our culture.  I know it is not politically correct to inject spirituality into business, but, my personal faith weighs heavily into my personal "why" I am involved in this organization. I started Boss over 20 years ago. I have tasted enormous success in the industry many times over. I truly have been to the top of the mountain. It never did fulfill me as much as helping people has.

My respected partners, please trust this...............Sincerely helping people will always be profitable.

I am fond of a saying .............All of the principles and elements that equal fanatical customers must also be applied to our staff and our National Partners. In this sense , Boss Optima has 3 customers......For all, we simply must deeply care.

Mike Ochoa


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